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Evaluate & Report

Marketing metrics are measurable values (numbers, percentages, etc.) to showcase the performance of their marketing campaigns across all their different marketing channels.

Powerpoint Presentations

We help you communicate your best work through visually appealing PowerPoint presentations. We can arrange your existing content in your presentation or create everything from scratch – while making your brand look/feel/voice apparent on each slide. The cost is dependent on the complexity and amount of content and will range between $39-$200 per slide.

Website Analytics and Reporting

Simply just having a website is not enough anymore. Businesses should not only focus on the amount of traffic they are getting, but they also need to be able to identify the quality of the traffic. The more high-quality traffic a website receives, the higher the chances of conversion. The cost for this service is $250/month for a basic monthly report.

Why is a Marketing Report or Presentation Important?

Digital marketing reporting is all about collecting and examining performance data across all of your marketing activities and then turning that info into an easy-to-understand report. It’s kind of like a progress report for your marketing campaigns.

Why is it important? Well, these reports help marketers make better decisions in the future. They show what’s working and what’s not so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Plus, they show the value of your marketing efforts, which is always a good thing.

In a nutshell, digital marketing reporting helps you learn from your past campaigns, improve your future strategies, and demonstrate the impact of marketing efforts on the company‚Äôs bottom line. It’s like having a secret weapon for marketing success!

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